Sports is one of most widely published topics in the Net. In the media, sport-related issues are often discussed and receive a great deal of attention. Many examples exist: thousands and thousands of football articles show reactions from trainers after a certain event. On TV, important soccer games appear every day. The use of new technology is everywhere when it comes to sports. For example, tennis streaming video allows viewers to see the exact strokes and movements of their favorite 开云体育 stars such as Rafael Nadal. Fans can watch their favourite teams play online during serious tennis matches or football games. One might ask: what role does media play in Sporting?

Media exploits people’s need to be entertained. The public has felt the need for entertainment since the days when gladiators were on the stage. They wanted to witness people dying in their presence in return for money. In the past, people have been entertained in different ways, and the cruelty has decreased, but they still want Panem, et, circenses. Bread and Circuses remained the standard. The best way to enjoy sports is by reading the news, or watching the sport live on TV.

Next, media fulfills the need of the general public to be able to see the “real” thing online. Even though a soccer match may be held in Milano and a tennis game in Moscow, the media will bring the match to you without having to leave the couch and pay for a plane ticket. It takes advantage of us wanting to watch the sport in person by serving as the intermediary between the spectators and the game that happens elsewhere.

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