A poker programmers and poker aficionados are creating new poker bots to play online poker. This will allow them to make money and have little interaction with players. This new trend has alarmated both players and online poker sites. It is possible for a computer program to win online poker and outsmart real players.

An industry survey found that 12 percent of online poker users were either very nervous about the poker bots or had stopped playing. This effectively sends players offline to avoid the risk of losing their money to these new computer-generated bots.

Online poker is not easy. There are many methods to defeat a bot poker player. Knowing these methods will help you beat them. The one thing that makes a poker bot better is their lack of emotion or the ability to reason. Poker bots are not likely to get angry or go on ’tilt when they are hurt.

Two major advantages exist when playing online poker. The first is the computer generated code that poker sites use to determine shuffles. Deals and the outcomes of a hand. The other is the poker robot, which is pre-programmed and has all the statistics.

However, you can still use the computer-generated codes from poker sites or poker bots to defeat them if they are understood. A poker bot makes decisions solely based on poker play and its statistical analysis. The poker bot makes decisions only based on the patterns of the game.

The online poker sites that actively try to stop the efforts of poker bot programmers, users, and others have devised a counter-measure using the same known patterns. Poker sites can implement a countermeasure to the poker robots to make sure that the bots don’t win. The poker bots actions are predictable, and they only use a skill set directly related to statistical probability and odds.

This is a confusing system that actually works in favor of the human player, despite being confusing. Although the software on the poker site is actively looking for patterns in poker and trying to identify who is a human from a bot script created by computers, it also accidentally implemented a flaw that allows humans to exploit the weakness of the online garenaqq site.

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